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Eastman Army Camp is a Army Surplus, Security and Camping shop based in London, United Kingdom and we welcome you to our Army Surplus UK website!

Our Army and Navy store is one of the largest suppliers of surplus, military clothing, outdoor equipment and body armour in London. We stock a wide range of outdoor, security, camping and army goods. We aim to leave our customers extremely satisfied with our products and for this reason we have a "no fault no quibble" policy. Our delivery policy covers most of the UK and we can deliver to Europe and US, please see our shipping rates for more information. We are confident that we have one of the most competitively priced army, outdoor and security merchandise around.

Please note we offer promotions from time to time so be sure you check whats available on the promotions tab on the top menu. Usually our promotions covers all the products displayed on this website, which includes our camping equipment, army surplus items and security equipment. Soon we will provide you the option to be notified through email when such promotions arise.
If you would like to leave any feedback about your shopping experience please email us. If you have any questions about any of the items on this website then feel free to call our army surplus shop. Happy Shopping!
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How Army Surplus stores came to be:

The history of the military surplus trade in the UK is shrouded by the mists of time, pre-dating the building of Hadrian's Wall. The modern concept of Army and Navy excess inventory is easily traced to the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century, when England sold retired weaponry to Mexico – mostly Brown Bess muskets, Tower Paget flintlock guns, and Baker Rifles – for their war with Spain. The traditional concept of the A/N storefront is not to be confused with the Army & Navy Store of London, later known as the House of Fraser – which was a joint venture by several retired Royal Army and Royal Navy officers to establish a department store. There are late 19th century newspaper accounts of Army and Navy stores in London, however, they did not begin to flourish until the end of the Great War. Following WWII, there was a boom in the civilian market for excess military equipment, especially clothing, following the lean years of rationing and lend-lease restrictions. Determination of items deemed as excess is a complex logistical process. In the US, the Department of Defense controls the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, part of the Defense Logistics Agency makes the final disposition through outright sale by sealed bids or unsealed auctions. Lots are generally larger than most “Mom and Pop” A/N stores can handle. They tend to select their inventory from items offered by the larger brokers. In the UK, the Ministry of Defence also auctions excess items via the Disposal Services Agency in a similar manner. Not all items are available directly to the public – such as warships, weaponry, and similar martial items – without required permits. For example, the British Assault Boot is available as surplus in the original, lightweight, and cold weather versions in prices from £26 to £70 in as-new unissued condition. These boots have been replaced by the newer Symapatex-Thinsulite-Cambrelle combination boot costing £106. The Soldier 95 four-colour woodland camouflage Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM – part of the CS95 system) uniforms are now excess items with a growing supply as they are replaced by the Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) uniforms as of March 2010. This marks the first major camo change in nearly 40 years. Prices typically vary from about £8 for used, Grade 1 to £15 for as-new, unissued shirts.

New British Army Surplus Gear, which we hope to provide at our ARMY SURPLUS UK online store in the future: